Why nginx, not Apache?

The web server nginx is fast, needs low resources, more flexible. Web servers increasingly uses nginx instead of Apache, you should be able to configure and operate it now.

In terms of web programming there is no big difference between nginx or Apache. Just try it and you will like it :)

Can I install Winginx on Linux?

Winginx is a configured local web server for Windows, Linux/*nix is OK without Winginx:

apt-get install nginx php-fpm php-common sqlite php-sqlite mysql-server php-mysql php-gd memcached php-memcache php-memcached mongo php-mongo redis-server php-redis this, yep!

By the way, the name of Winginx was taken from Windows + nginx.

Which are system requirements for Winginx?

Winginx works fine on Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1.

If you are running Windows 98 / XP, you may need to install important updates, update Internet Explorer and install .NET Framework (2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5), Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2008 SP1, and Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012.

Winginx doesn't start, what should I do?

Check if a firewall is running. If it is, you should setup some rules for nginx, MySQL and HostsEditor. If you doesn't know how to do this, read its documentaion or stop it for awhile.

Check if another web server or a program works on 80 port. If it is, you have to stop it or setup its port to another value (if you can), or setup nginx from Winginx to another port (edit the winginx\conf\nginx.conf config file).

If your computer has never been to the Internet, check the network settings. Check the ping to the local IP If necessary, setup this.

HostsEditor cannot save the hosts file. Why?

Stop the firewall. At least for awhile. Most likely, this is it causes this trouble.

Can I transfer Winginx to other location?

Yes, you can. Just don't forget to stop Winginx, run stop-winginx.exe. Also you should check the shortcuts on the Desktop and in the Program Menu, they may link to old location of Winginx.

Can I install multiple copies of Winginx on one machine?

Of corse, you can do this. However, please note that starting one of the copies of Winginx will stop a currently running copy, if available. Everything else goes with no problem.

How can I add IDN-domain in the hosts file?

To do this, convert IDN-domain (may be Cyrillic domain) to Punycode and add coded value in the hosts file. Then create s subfolder in the folder winginx\home with the same coded value.

You can use the online Punycode encoder on our site.

PHP scripts coded with Zend Optimizer is not executable. Why so?

PHP extension Zend Guard Loader (earlier Zend Optimizer) is inactive by default. To activate it please check PHP Extensions tab in Winginx PHP5 Config.

Please note, PHP scripts Zend encoded for PHP 5.2 will not work under PHP 5.3. That's a pity.

How can I install Xdebug in Winginx?

PHP extension Xdebug is inactive by default. To activate it please check PHP Extensions tab in Winginx PHP5 Config.

Please note, Xdebug and Zend Guard Loader couldn't start and work together.

You may need to setup your IDE by specifying the port setting to a value "9900" (by default Eclipse has the port specified to a value 9000, but this port is busy by PHP processes).

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